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Hot Deal cvrjhb05082014Blaze Brimstone, 28-year-old newly assigned preacher to a shrinking country church, is tempted by rough-cut member Jasper Woodfield who sits on the back pew. His presence reminds her she is very much a woman with desires of the flesh. But she carries old baggage from a failed marriage, and at the same time she’s tortured by career self-doubt. A growing hot deal rattles the town’s deepest emotions during a high school graduation. Rogue attorney Griz Winters and his side-kick private investigator peel back the layers of the scandalous hot deal swirling with a quartet of teenagers. But as the scandal is laid bare, the lives of the winners and losers are also stripped naked. Not until the unspeakable scandal is uncovered, does the entire county become involved in a live or die war of hot emotions. Everything Blaze and one of her teenage members want is at risk, when they confront the county with hardcore choices that bring national attention. Not until the final tally will the winners and losers be sorted out.

Hot Snow cvrjhb05082014HOT SNOW sizzles with an unlikely mix of wildfire men and women and one little lovable dog. Dakota Blackstone walked out of prison a free man on a cold snowy night. But he was about to go back for the rest of his life, all for an unknown woman who couldn’t be found. Caught in the middle of a chilling snow storm, suspense swirls and their lives will never be the same, and neither will the holiday-decorated quaint little mountain town of Hellgate Gorge. Tensions tighten as long-held grudges and revenge erupt in the country courthouse, and rogue attorney, Griz Stubblebach, adds to the unsettling drama. Holiday emotions are stirred and shaken by risky choices that will keep you restless for the rush of Christmas romance. Remember, romance can leave you breathless, but it can also warm your heart. And that’s a good thing.

Perfect Match cvrjhb05082014Madison Winston, 34, wants desperately to hold on to her job and take care of her teenage daughter, Selena. Madison dislikes her boss, D.R. Fallington, the man making her life miserable. He has equal disregard for her since he has no interest in a woman older than twenty-three. What started as an ordinary morning in Asheville, NC, at Fallington Enterprises was swiftly reversed by the company matriarch, Edna Fallington. Her sweeping decision sent Madison and D.R. hurtling deep into experiences neither expected. Madison’s chilly feelings for D.R. fester and erupt when she discovers the intimate connection he has with her daughter. With a perfect mixture of raw emotions brewing, ex-prostitute turned preacher-woman, Ramona Brimstone, has some advice for Madison, but wonders if she is woman enough to risk it. Nothing like “fire and brimstone” to fuel the undercurrents of a simmering romance.

Dilemma cvrjhb05082014After a fast-paced career, 42-year-old Adam Washington retires to Eagle Mountain, North Carolina, seeking the peacefulness of mountain life. But the quaint mountain town swirls with a deep-seated undercurrent of unrest. Adam’s presence stokes the town’s interest and fuels the hidden passions of Natalie Wilson, wife of the town’s police chief Buford Wilson. Natalie, successful quilt shop owner and college teacher, is resigned to her psychological past until Adam innocently crosses her path. Hot emotions begin to ricochet in the dark corners of Eagle Mountain. An arrest triggers a firestorm of revenge, as a wildfire romance glows in the shadows of the little white clapboard church on the hill. This forbidden romance simmers with insomnia-like suspense, as dark and threatening secrets from the past erupt into a series of emotional U-turns and twists before steaming to a breathless climax.

“Romance can leave your breathless!” ~ Jerry Byrum



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